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Airtechno which was formerly known as Airemax, is the resultant of the experiences of some of the best HVAC professionals in the country who know the system inside out, with their extensive experiences in the field. Our promoters and the team are in tune with the most contemporary technologies and practices in the domain globally that gives them a great edge over several others in the arena. Using the right resources, we have coordinated the best of infrastructure, team and management in Airtechno. With our exhaustive knowledge of HVAC systems, we are thus able to offer clean and reasonably priced solutions to a repertoire of business or institutional needs.

As a service contractor for Commercial Air Conditioners, Chillers, VRF, Package Units and Ductable Splits, our engineering solutions encompass a large spectrum of activities in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, as also Refrigeration, Climate Control, Electro Mechanical and Building Management Systems. Our network with competent professionals in the field and with renowned agencies dealing with the HVAC trade enables us to offer perfect solutions for the biggest industries, institutions, and organisations.

Airtechno undertakes complete responsibility from conception to completion for the entire range of activities such as resourcing Material, developing fool-proof Designs, Installing, Testing and Commissioning and running regular and preventive Maintenance of HVAC systems.

Our Vision

At Airtechno we believe in professionalism through which we endeavour to offer the very best and economical HVAC solutions to a wide class of customers and consequentially envision earning a place among the most respected players in the field.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to develop, source and offer premium HVAC solutions using the best of resources such as technology, infrastructure, team and management to deliver precise solutions to customers on any scale across any activity.

Company Profile

Airtechno, formerly known as Airemax, has consistently been at the forefront in the commercial air conditioning sector, in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and the neighbourhood states, with unsurpassed expertise in all the critical aspects of HVAC systems such as Design, Technology, Installation, Maintenance and Cost Effectiveness. With the most efficient and effective air conditioning solutions from the best brands we have been servicing a wide range of establishments from modest commercial outlets to mega industrial parks, auditoriums, malls, business and shopping complexes, theatres, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, factories, prestigious institutions etc. Our commitment to quality has been our greatest referral earning us customers across world class corporates.

Our professionalism envisages working closely with customers, accurately assessing their spaces, and understanding their precise requirements, and then offering them wholesome solutions using the best of technology, expertise and workmanship. Our quick turn-around and turnkey solutions using the best resources save substantial costs in money, time and maintenance. Using our customised air conditioning solutions can lower energy consumption and reduce your power expenditure by over 50% whether through a new installation, an upgrade or a complete overhaul of the system.

Today when several hundreds of businesses rely heavily on quality air systems, for unhindered operations, it is imperative that only the best solutions are chosen by any organisation. Any compromise on this factor could cause a major collapse of the air systems that could bring operations to a grinding halt which in turn could result in untold losses.

With Airtechno you can be assured of complete control over your air conditioning systems for extensive periods of time that lets you operate with a great sense of confidence and peace of mind, knowing that the best is working for you. With Airtechno you have an air solutions partner you can forever trust!

Trust Our Team of Experts

One of the chief factors of our success has been our extremely competent and resilient team. Airtechno has been enterprising in its endeavour to offer customers that extra edge through which extensive products and services are made available at competetive costs and short time frames, facilitated by its magnificent team. We have been consistently sourcing the very best of engineers, designers and hands on professionals, leading to a phenomenal team that knows the intricacies of the job, whatever its purpose or scale. Our real strength lies in our team who are continuously updated with the most current practices in the domain so that they are fitted with the right skills and knowledge to take on any challenge in HVAC.


Airtechno has appropriated the complete range of machinery, equipment, tools and space required for designing, planning, processing and assembling of any type of HVAC installations. Using highly sophisticated precision based systems our engineering processes enable us to produce products with outstanding efficiency and accuracy. We integrate the most update software into our customised systems that manage efficiency levels to the highest degree. In our endeavour to offer customers with the best in class products and services, we keep updating our technology as the need arises, so that we are in continuous touch with upcoming HVAC technologies that can be harnessed. Our outlook of being thoroughly professional has ensured that no stage of our activity allows any elements of compromise, and this has earned us consistent accolades from our customers.

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